Vanguard technology, quality materials, and the pursuit of excellence in our finishes, this is Aplitecnid.

We have a wide variety of equipment which help us to carry out the work required by the project. We also have the knowledge and qualified staff to perform all these tasks.

  • Development of specific complements for very exclusive or unique projects.
  • Rusticated natural wood, veneer, blockboard, .., with various degrees and effects
  • Natural veneer with cross-cut saw.
  • Press of Heat dishes suitable for flat surfaces even structured surfaces. 
  • Calandra for flat surfaces in different widths and lengths with PUR glue.
  • Wrapping machines with EVA and PUR hotmelt glues.
  • Membrane Press for 2D and 3D surfaces.
  • Applying special edges (Mixed: wood / metal, multilayer wood, aluminum, …)
  • Lacquering and varnishing according to customer requirements. 
  • Flat and curved edged with any material using PUR glue.
  • Pantograph for any wood or board.
  • Service of cutting, sizing and packaging.
  • Development of technical RF and acoustic doors, furniture fronts, etc..
  • Depending on the type of material or process, we can supply finished surfaces with protective film.

In practice if we want to offer a truly global and advantageous service to clients, we must invest heavily on advanced technologies to ensure maximum versatility and quality in every finish that we incorporates.

In addition to use the latest equipment, the range of materials incorporated into our product portfolio is always previously analyzed for each possible use in the market, as we want quality not as an optional aspect, but as the essence of our work.


Know-how and expertise of our staff allow us to tackle any project with confidence to solve and accomplish customer expectations by meeting the requirements of the technical study. This allows us to differentiate ourselves from other alternatives and provide the highest quality and commitment to each work. We want to have your confidence in us as a global provider for each project both for regular consumption, for the most unique and exclusive work.

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