Textured Aluminium


Surface with 3D structure following a repetitive and coated pattern, with multiple possibilities to offer a novel and attractive appearance. Suitable for all types of spaces.

Composed of two elements, which make up a whole: Wood fiber board (MDF) and 3D PVC film surface.

Technical Description

It is a collection of finishes in 3D format. the finishes for 3D that we offer in Aplitecnid have multiple and very varied possibilities to solve or shape, almost infinitely, any project, however difficult it may seem.

With our 3D finishes we can offer countless designs of fantasies, woods, solid colors, metallic … combined with multiple textures and degrees of brightness through a new process called TECNOGRABADO, which can be coated without major problem from one end to another of the face and without any joint or union.

Currently we have developed 16 textures in TECNOGRABADO technology, in this way we get spectacular finishes with very competitive costs. Although the support can also be machined by pantograph, to achieve unique customizations.

Panels for tables, shelves, shelves, etc., finished with our designs, without the need to be edged on the edges; the same design that covers the surface coats continuously until the end of the board or panel; in this way we avoid joints that disfigure the panel, as well as corners or angles that can cause damage. And while it is much more pleasant to the touch, both in the singing and the angles.

The Aplitecnid 3D finishes are extremely resistant, suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The sheets have a thickness of 450 μ, which makes them suitable for tables or elements that are exposed and / or subjected to high daily use efforts; shops or public places in general.

Width: 1000 mm

Width: 1220 mm

Standadr length: 2440 mm

Length of TG25, TG26 and TG27: 12240 mm

Thickness: 16 to 40 mm (depending on the support)

Cutting and milling

Edging and molding

Machining for sound absorption

Integration of LED lighting


By design meets the highest international standards in the following sections:

  • Density (EN 323): 650-730 kg/m3
  • flexural strength (EN 310): 18-22 N/mm
  • Elasticity module (EN 310): 1900-2500 N/mm
  • Resistance to chemical agents (DIN 68861): 1B
  • Abrasion Resistance (DIN 68861): 2B
  • Scratch resistance (DIN 68861): 4C
  • Resistance to dry heat (DIN 68861): 7B
  • Resistance to humid heat (DIN 68861): 8A
  • Resistance to exposure to sunlight (DIN 15187): >6

Commercial spaces (restaurants, hotels, …)

Public spaces (auditoriums, halls …)

Sanitary buildings (clinics, nursing homes, day care centers, …)

Housing and residential of all kinds

Shelves, tables, …

These finish can contribute special characteristics to any surface, with naturalness while enhancing the details..

Designs in this family

  • Tecnograbado 01

    Tecnograbado 01

  • Tecnograbado 02

    Tecnograbado 02

  • Tecnograbado 03

    Tecnograbado 03

  • Tecnograbado 04

    Tecnograbado 04

  • Tecnograbado 05

    Tecnograbado 05

  • Tecnograbado 06

    Tecnograbado 06

  • Tecnograbado 07

    Tecnograbado 07

  • Tecnograbado 08

    Tecnograbado 08

  • Tecnograbado 09

    Tecnograbado 09

  • Tecnograbado 10

    Tecnograbado 10

  • Tecnograbado 11

    Tecnograbado 11

  • Tecnograbado 12

    Tecnograbado 12

  • Tecnograbado 13

    Tecnograbado 13

  • Tecnograbado 14

    Tecnograbado 14

  • Tecnograbado 15

    Tecnograbado 15

  • Tecnograbado 16

    Tecnograbado 16

  • Tecnograbado 17

    Tecnograbado 17

  • Tecnograbado 18

    Tecnograbado 18