Panel with decorative surface for outdoor use


High quality panel suitable for use in all types of environments, especially outdoors with exposure to all types of climatic agents, marine environment, pollution, etc..

Technical Description

High strength material with a wide range of finishes and with optimal qualities for multiple applications. Accomplish most strict international standards of production, use and environment.

  • Support Composition: cement and wood structure combining the properties of each of the component elements: wood (nobility and flexibility) and cement (strength and durability).
  • Composition of the decorative surface: acrylic coating 200 microns with optimal properties and suitable for coating ventilated facade elements, equipped with cool-colors technology.

Width:  1220 mm

Length:  2440/3050 mm

Thickness: 3 to 40 mm (depending on the support, for outdoor use 12mm)

Other sizes: Ask us for options

Molding: MDF, Plywood, Wood, PVC, Aluminum

Board: Chipboard, MDF, Plywood, Composite, PVC, Concrete-wood board, Aluminium, HPL, methacrylate, ABS

Coating 2D and 3D: Available

Glue: PUR

Cutting and milling

Edging and molding

Varnishing and lacquering

Digital printing and screen printing

Curving depending on the support

Machining for sound absorption

Integration of LED lighting


KH1501 & KH1502: Metal surfaces finished with a total of 12 options.

KH1503, KH1504 & KH1505: Wood surfaces finished with a total of 35 options.

KH1507 & KH1508: Unicolor matt surfaces finished with a total of 15 options.

By design meets the highest international standards in the following sections:

  • Abrasion Resistance (Erichsen 436 PV-P-18)
  • Resistance to exposure to sunlight (DIN EN ISO 105-X 12)

Comercial spaces (restaurants, hotels, …) (In porches and outdoor spaces for smoking area)

Public spaces (auditoriums, halls …)

Sanitary buildings (clinics, nursing homes, day care centers, …)

Housing and residential of all kinds

Facades of all kinds and any other coated surface

These materials are totally resistant to the elements and add a touch of quality and design to any outdoor space. Fully guaranteed for outdoor use.

The properties of the support are certified to CE specifications and ICC certification.

Designs in this family

  • KH1501


    12 Tone Options

  • KH1502


    12 Tone Options

  • KH1503


    35 Designs Options

  • KH1504


    35 Designs Options

  • KH1505


    35 Designs Options

  • KH1506


  • KH1507


    15 Color Versions

  • KH1508


    15 Color Versions