3D Surfaces


High quality decorative surface suitable for all types of indoor use and ability to adapt to all kinds of 3D surfaces.

Technical Description

High strength material with wood finishes and solid colors, and best qualities for many applications, especially those for 3D surfaces. German manufacturing accomplish most strict international standards of production, use and environment.

Width:  1220 mm

Lenght:  2440/3660 mm

Thickness: 3 to 40 mm (deppending on the support)

Other sizes: Ask us for options

Molding: MDF, Plywood, Wood, PVC, Aluminum

Board: Chipboard, MDF, Plywood, Composite, PVC, Aluminio, HPL, methacrylate, ABS

Coating 2D and 3D: Available

Glue: PUR

Cutting and milling

Edging and molding

Varnishing and lacquering

Curving depending on the support

Machining for sound absorption

Integration of LED lighting


KH2001: Metal finish, available in 5 color versions

KH2002: Structured wood finish, available in 7 color versions

KH2003: Structured wood finish, available in 4 color versions

KH2004: Fantasy finish, available in 4 color versions

KH2005: Leather finish

KH2006: Rustic finish, available in 2 color versions

KH2007: Structured wood finish, available in 4 color versions

KH2008: Structured unicolor finish, available in 6 color versions

By design meets the highest international standards in the following sections:

  • Abrasion Resistance (DIN EN ISO 5470-2)
  • Resistance to exposure to sunlight (DIN EN ISO105-B02)
  • Resistance to chemicals (DIN 68861 parte 1)

Commercial spaces (restaurants, hotels, …)

Public spaces (auditoriums, halls …)

Sanitary buildings (clinics, nursing homes, day care centers, …)

Housing and residential of all kinds

3D shapes offer endless possibilities in decoration, furniture fronts, etc.

Designs in this family

  • KH2001


    5 Color Versions - Metal finish

  • KH2002


    7 Color Versions - Structured wood finish

  • KH2003


    4 Color Versions - Structured wood finish

  • KH2005


    Leather finish

  • KH2006


    2 Color Versions - Rustic finish

  • KH2007


    4 Color Versions - Structured wood finish

  • KH2008


    6 Color Versions - Structured unicolor finish

  • KH2010


  • KH2011


  • KH2012


  • KH2013


  • KH2014


  • KH2015