Special Digital Print


Superficie impresa con protección para disposición horizontal y vertical.

Technical Description

Material de alta calidad con impresión digital de todo tipo de imágenes y fotografías con protección superficial transparente que permite su utilización en superficies horizontales tales como encimeras y mesas de trabajo. Cumple con todas las normas internacionales de producción, uso y respeto al medioambiente más exigentes.

Width:  530 mm, see other options

Lenght:  2440/3660 mm, see other lengths according to support

Thickness: 3 to 40 mm (depending on the support)

Other Sizes: Ask us for options

Molding: MDF, Plywood, Wood, PVC, Aluminum

Board: Chipboard, MDF, Plywood, Composite, PVC, Aluminio, HPL, methacrylate, ABS

Coating 2D and 3D: Not available

Glue: PUR y EVA

Cutting and milling

Edging and molding (consult)

Varnishing (It is not necessary in the case of the protection already apply)

Digital printing and screen printing

Curving depending on the support

Machining for sound absorption

Integration of LED lighting

As digital printing we can print any photo or drawing provided by the customer. There isn’t a defined range,  we fit every job.

By design meets the highest international standards in the following sections:

  • Abrasion Resistance (DIN EN ISO 5470-2)
  • Resistance to exposure to sunlight (DIN EN ISO105-B02)
  • ……

Commercial spaces (restaurants, hotels, …)

Public spaces (auditoriums, halls …)

Sanitary buildings (clinics, nursing homes, day care centers, …)

Housing and residential of all kinds

This product allows full customization of each work surface adapted to the requirements, no minimum quantities and surface with protection against abrasion.

Designs in this family

  • PR8001