cemento non cemento paneli


Last generation panels made from natural cellulose fibers, combined with special resins and plasters, from there, you get a product of very beautiful aesthetics and functionality.

Aplitecnid is the exclusive distributor for Spain of the Concreo/Conclad panels.

Technical Description

For internal applications both in dry and wet environments in the world of architecture, interior design, furniture, wall paneling, stairs, doors, floors, etc, thanks to its extreme realism to the cement itself makes it very suitable for creating raw environments and industrialists of the most sophisticated.

Concreo/Conclad panels are light and resistant, very easy to handle, they work with the same tool as wooden boards; allows machining such as hinges, milling, hardware, of all kinds.

Also because of its ease of process, the cuts or scrubs maintain the same aesthetics, of the faces of the panel.

Cold material such as concrete that once installed does not stain or give off odors and never dirty objects in its contact. Biocompatible material, both in its components; as in the elaboration process.

Width:  1250 mm

Lenght Concreo:  2540 mm

Lenght Conclad:  2540 / 3000 mm

Thickness: 9, 11.5 and 17 mm

Cutting and milling

Edging and molding

The most notable features are the following:

  • Class of reaction to fire: Bs1d0
  • Density: 1100 – 1250 kg/m3
  • Bending strength: 4 N/mm2
  • Compression strength: 23 N/mm2

Commercial spaces (restaurants, hotels, …)

Public spaces (auditoriums, halls …)

Sanitary buildings (clinics, nursing homes, day care centers, …)

Housing and residential of all kinds

These finishes provide effects that are able to highlight any surface, offering naturalness while enhancing the details.

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