Synthetic Leather


High quality synthetic leather suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor use (as references).

Technical Description

High quality synthetic leather suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor use (as references).

Width: 1220 mm

Lenght: 2440/3660 mm

Thickness: 3 to 40 mm (depending on the support)

Other sizes: Ask us for options

Molding: MDF, Plywood, Wood, PVC, Aluminum

Board: Chipboard, MDF, Plywood, Composite, PVC, Aluminio, HPL, methacrylate, ABS

Coating 2D and 3D: Available

Glue: PUR

Cutting and milling

Edging and molding

Curving depending on the support

Machining for sound absorption

Integration of LED lighting


KH1001: available in 21 color versions

KH1002: available in 4 color versions

KH1003: available in 25 color versions

KH1004: available in 8 color versions

KH1005: available in 8 color versions

KH1006: available in 2 color versions

KH1007: available in 20 color versions

KH1008: available in 7 color versions

KH1009: available in 5 color versions

KH1010: available in 12 color versions

KH1011: available in 9 color versions

KH1012: available in 8 color versions

KH1013: available in 5 color versions

KH1014: available in 10 color versions

By design meets the highest international standards in the following sections:

  • Abrasion Resistance (DIN EN ISO 5470-2)
  • Flame resistance (EN 1021-1+2)
  • Health use (DIN EN ISO 10993-5 +10)
  • Use in children’s furniture (DIN EN 71-3)
  • Resistance to exposure to sunlight (DIN EN ISO105-B02)

Commercial spaces (restaurants, hotels, …)

Public spaces (auditoriums, halls …)

Sanitary buildings (clinics, nursing homes, day care centers, …)

Housing and residential of all kinds

Enable for naval and transport (IMO FTPC P8)

Is possible to clean with water and mild soaps of all common stains in usage environments.

Synthetic leather gives a greater degree of exclusivity because it is possible to combine  the same design with any upholstered item, chairs, sofas, chairs, stools, etc..

Furthermore we use only synthetic leather of the highest quality on the market being even more resistant to wear and tear than the natural leather.

Designs in this family

  • KH1001


    21 Color Versions

  • KH1002


    4 Color Versions

  • KH1003


    25 Color Versions

  • KH1004


    8 Color Versions

  • KH1005


    8 Color Versions

  • KH1006


    2 Color Versions

  • KH1007


    20 Color Versions

  • KH1008


    7 Color Versions

  • KH1009


    5 Color Versions

  • KH1010


    12 Color Versions

  • KH1011


    9 Color Versions

  • KH1012


    8 Color Versions

  • KH1013


    5 Color Versions

  • KH1014


    10 Color Versions

  • KH1015