Surfaces and Supports

We can offer a wide range of finishes over a wide variety of supports.

Available Supports:

  • Lightweight sandwich panel of any kind, using multiple cores (PS, PU, ​​…) and faces (aluminium, HPL, MDF, …)
  • Aluminium+Polyethylene composite Panel
  • Aluminum
  • Methacrylate
  • HPL
  • Plywood (Birch, phenolic, …)
  • OSB
  • MDF
  • Chipboard
  • Cement Wood board

The surfaces can be flat, as well as molding, striped, 3D …

Result of our commitment to quality is that we offer to our customers the assurance of successful performance of our products. We strive to continue to evolve technologically and to be responsible to the environment, so we offer the possibility of using boards (chipboard, MDF and plywood) with FSC certification in the manufacturing of our products.


Available surfaces:

  • High quality synthetic leather
  • Natural wood veneer with special treatments
  • Natural aluminum, anodized in many colors, textures and weights (Depending on the version we can apply on moldings)
  • Decorative Finishes for outdoor use
  • Decorative film suitable for any shape in 3D and 2D
  • Decorative laminate with real wood effect (CLPL) 
  • Mirror finished metal surfaces, brushed, engraving and 3D effects
  • HPL decorative with novel and surprising effects
  • High gloss acrylic surfaces in multiple colors and designs
  • Cork surfaces with digital printing
  • Synthetic laminated mirror surface natural and darkened (not glass)
  • Acrylic coatings suitable for outside use guaranteed if applied on suitable supports for these environments.

Coating moldings:

As we process panels, we can also coat moldings using EVA or PUR (Special for extreme applications, even outside) glue. For the production of moldings we can use as supports the following options: aluminum, natural wood and MDF molding. For the coating of these we can use almost all of the materials we use for panels, so we can offer a myriad of combinations and finishes. (Due to the special process for coating moldings there are minimum amounts to produce depending on model).

Available Sizes:

Depending on the support and the surface a number of standard formats are defined. But for some of them it is possible that we can adapt to the requirements of your project. Basically it is conditioned by the amount required to produce.