With digital printing you can develop unique and exclusive projects without the need of producing a minimum amount of material. In addition to being you who define the design you want to apply. We can reproduce drawings or pictures provided by the customer.

It is visually the most impactful way to project the image of a company or that item that you want to define or characterize.

The digital printing developed for horizontal surfaces is currently working with a maximum width of 530 mm, which is sufficient for many applications developed with this product, but will be gradually expanded.

Why, in this section, do we talk about horizontal surfaces?


The technology we have developed for this application is characterized by having a transparent surface protection (overlay) that provides high abrasion resistance, similar to that used in the synthetic flooring.

We work over a high-pressure laminate (HPL), which we can then apply to any support which we usually employ: chipboard, MDF, plywood, aluminum, etc.

Our processing method allows us to be highly competitive in this process and provide a personal, unique and with an affordable cost for any project.

And of course these finishes can be used on vertical surfaces, creating more visually stunning environments.