The facade is the most distinctive element of a building. It is very important that their appearance is the one that really want the architect, developer and owner. For this, Aplitecnid Techclima panels are ideal. This is a completely weatherproof solution that brings a touch of quality and design to any outdoor space and a guaranteed coating.

Our solution consists in a high quality panel suitable for use in any environment, especially outdoors with exposure to all types of climatic agents, marine environment, pollution, etc.. It consists of two elements that contribute with its special characteristics to define a unique product on the market:

  • Support: Concrete and wood structure combining the properties of each of the component elements: wood (nobility and flexibility) and cement (strength and durability).
  • Decor surface: acrylic coating (thickness 200 microns) with optimal properties and suitable for coating ventilated facade elements, equipped with cool-colors technology by skai.

This product is available in metallic designs, wood tones and matte mono colors, in Techclima page you will find the designs in our range, but there is a large collection that can be supplied on request.

  • KH1501


    12 Tone Options

  • KH1502


    12 Tone Options

  • KH1503


    35 Designs Options

  • KH1504


    35 Designs Options

  • KH1505


    35 Designs Options

  • KH1506


  • KH1507


    15 Color Versions

  • KH1508


    15 Color Versions


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