Exclusive and innovation


An exclusive technical or decorative surface is not correctly completed if it not applied an edging correctly and well combined. Also if necessary and depending of radio, we also manufacture panels edging IN CURVE, according to customer requirements.

In case of elements exposed to humid spaces, edged are made with PUR glue to prevent damage that could cause by this circumstance.

In Aplitecnid, we can edge all supports with all kinds of edge that are on the market: melamine, PVC, ABS, high brightness, two color, natural veneer, etc. In our commitment to do a perfectly finished work we offer the possibility of edging their existing projects with the most exclusive and innovative edges on the market.

Natural wood edge structured with multiple finishes, Cross-grain edge, combination of wood and aluminum, offer us a unique spectacle. In addition we also use natural aluminum edges with different anodizing, polished bright or even engraved linear aluminum. In the following pages you will find more details about special edges.

For special natural wood finishes we can edge in any width/thickness with the same novel woods.

Natural wood edge with special structures

An essential complement for many projects is an edge that offers a continuation of the panel surface. Aplitecnid has a number of options that combine exclusivity and design.


This design gives you the look of a rough, untreated surface that you typically get from band saws or reciprocating saws. Our ‘Rough Cut’ edgebanding can be used with all different rough cut veneers available on the market.


This texture is similar to rustic solid wood beams and also matches well with all other sandblasted surfaces. Furthermore you can achieve stunning looks by combining the ‘Sandblast’ texture with our ‘Rough Cut’ or ‘Wormhole’-Design.


This texture simulates the look of timber worm affected solid wood. But other than the real affection by insects our ‘Wormhole’ design does not come with any technical disadvantage. In combination with the natural figure of the veneer you get a unique appearance.


With its special texture across the grain this design offers a very interesting contrast to the natural appearance of the veneer. It can also enhance the look of plain veneer species by adding depth and structure in an unexpected way.

We may supply any kind of wood with these four structures. The most relevant product information is as follows:

  • Width: Up to 300 mm
  • Thickness: 0.5 to 2.0 mm

Cross Grain Natural Wood Edge

The market is asking about new and revolutionary ways to present elements of high design. Here is a variant with natural veneer edging.

The structure of cross grain edge is available crosswise to the grain of the wood. This creates an attractive and eye-catching visual effect, which can be used for a variety of design elements.

This edge is available in widths up to 300 mm and in a range of thicknesses from 0.5 to 1.9mm (built with overlapping layers of wood veneer).


If the material is not finalized in our facilities we have to remember the follow: Even though the surface can be sanded smooth, should be in the direction of the grain of edge. If done in the usual way there is a danger of tearing in the process. This edge is prone to bend transversely because it attempts to recover the original layout of the timber, this is prevented by maintaining the rolls tightly wound.

Aluminium Edge with special Structures

The metal edge highlights any work, gives a touch of class and simplicity at the same time. The surface can be polished, brushed and even corrugated. It is available in various shades, steel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, … so that it can adapt to different situations.

In the images shown we have used panels with wood finished to highlight the edging. In case of using a metallic surface you can get the look of a compact metal panel.

The most relevant product information is as follows:

  • Width: Up to 600 mm
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm

Wood and Metal Edges

Possibly this edge gives us one of the most spectacular effects in the world. Because of the characteristics of this edge, you can only use linear and it has to be applied before the decorative surface coating.

The combination of wood and aluminum can show surprise and get a completely different look and updated to the edges.

You can combine multiple species of wood with aluminum, creating sets suitable for all kinds of jobs. The mixture of light and dark woods with aluminum contrasts with its metallic bright and define the personality of the work.

This product can be produced adapted to customer requirements for a certain volume, the most relevant information of standard product is as follows:

  • Lenght: 4 meters
  • Width: 23 to 63 mm
  • Thickness: 2.65 mm
  • Aluminum width: 0.5 to 2 mm