The company has the capacity and versatility to adapt itself to develop elements however difficult it may be. We have a group of professionals who combine youth with professional experience and enthusiasm to learn and improve every day, all based on technical training and knowledge of the material and technical means we work with every day.

We like to face new challenges that our customers planted to us, research and improvement are not just words but the very essence of our company. You can let your imagination run and trust that the materials and finishes offered by Aplitecnid will be of your satisfaction and then you just need to handle or install with the same capacity and professionalism that we have put into its development.

We know that trust is earned by offering our customers materials and professional solutions, our constant goal is to be the reference for you in the most appropriate responses, the constant search for the best materials and techniques available in the options market as well as quality and maximum product reliability for effective responses in each project.

In projects where a large number of elements are required or other more modest but at the same time unique and exclusive, where quality should not be an excuse to have attractive and innovate finishes or surfaces.

Offering new products, sometimes unknown, for certain applications; it may be difficult to combine with other more usual. Therefore we always are with the staff that will apply these products to reassure the architect, decorator or technical office. Aplitecnid offers to each client a personalized service to help answering any questions that you may have about materials.

We have the technology and the latest equipment for the execution of all kind of works about the requirements of the project. Multiple decorative surfaces those are able to meet the demands of discerning customers:

  • Natural wood but with the special touch of Aplitecnid, color, rusticated finishes, etc..
  • Metals with amazing finishes, aluminum and copper with multiple treatments and gloss, etc..
  • A broad set of surfaces, all Cutting-edge products and impactful.

Apart from the extensive catalog that we present, our company is always very attentive to the latest developments in the world of high decoration and architectural those are emerging every day worldwide. We analyze each item from technically and aesthetically point of view to incorporate into our catalogs. Therefore we suggest that if you are a person concerned in this area, be attentive to the renewal of the range.

Our materials are used in many projects, official, residential, business, individuals, elderly, hospital, industrial, contract, commercial establishments, rehabilitation and restoration, furniture, etc.. But every day the market surprise us and you’ll find new fields of use and areas where you can always find an Aplitecnid’s technical or decorative solution.