In Aplitecnid we took several years producing panels, doors and technical solutions for the world’s most modern and avant-garde architecture.

Since our initiation we have been very clear that in an absolutely saturated and very conservative market with solutions similar to each other, there was not enough space for a new actor. So if we wanted to be born, grow and occupy our space, we should be different from the rest, and we must provide a set of global solutions for a project, keeping our customers have to look at different supplementary materials, a fact that usually is never merged or aligned properly.

Moreover, our company must be always open to listen to customers trying to provide solutions that sue us, be standard and classic or modern, but always with the fixed idea of providing an environment of complete solutions and to be with both technical like most pioneering and innovative decorative.

And today as a young company we are, we are convinced that our project has been successful and has been warmly welcomed by many customers, who already rely on unique and definitely Aplitecnid. For them and thanks to them we introduce this much broader catalog full of creative possibilities.

In any case, if you do not find in this catalog the finish or technical application you are looking for, let us know, and we can certainly provide the required solution.

From Aplitecnid, we want this manual of decorative and technical solutions to can be useful to you in yours future endeavors. In any case, we want to thank all our clients, whether architects, decorators, interior designers or and other related persons, because thanks to them we can now put on your hands this guide to work into help make the places where we live and work increasingly cozy and trendy.

If you want to touch and use actual samples of our range of finishes, we recommend accessing the full sample box. If you still do not have it and want to get one, contact your Aplitecnid dealer or contact us directly and we will gladly inform you on how you can get one.