In Aplitecnid we took several years producing panels, doors and technical solutions for the world’s most modern and avant-garde architecture.


Vanguard technology, quality materials, and the pursuit of excellence in our finishes, this is Aplitecnid.


Only well done resist time, only creative reaches future.

The needs of each client and each project should be understood as a requirement,
so is imperative to have finishes that protrude or stand.


We have the technology and the latest equipment for the execution of all kind of works about the requirements of the project.


In our commitment to do a perfectly finished work we offer the possibility of edging their existing projects with more exclusive and innovative edges on the market.


All kinds of finishing materials, including the most original and original: textured aluminum, skai, concrete panel, etc.


We produce doors with acoustic damping or RF, especially suitable for establishments in the contract world and hospitality.

Tecnograbado 3D

Thanks to the new texturing technology we create very original surfaces that we later cover with an infinite number of finishes.


We can offer a wide range of finishes over a wide variety of supports.


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    project 106

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    project 107